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ThermalStrike Thermal Dots

  • Brand: Protect-A-Bed

- This product is only available in U.S.A. - 

Thermal Dots make it simple to check the temperatures in difficult to reach places to ensure lethal temperatures have been reached during a bed bug heat treatment.



Place thermal dot stickers inside shoes, files, folders, books, and jackets.

  • Indicator turns black when reached 120 degrees °F
  • Compatible with all heat treatment products
  • Indicator stays black as evidence of the heat treatment
  • Verify temperatures that are difficult to reach - like Dryers


While adult bed bugs may die at lower temperatures, the eggs are much more resilient and require a longer exposure to heat. Heat treatments may be effective at temperatures below 120°F. The table below is the recommended guidelines from the National Pest Management Association.


Thermal Dots Table


Thermal Dots Installation


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