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Protect-A-Bed® is a recognized worldwide leader in mattress protection innovation. Our products are recognized for creating a dry, hygienic, bed bug free and anti-allergy "Healthy Sleep Zone" while protecting the mattress warranty and keeping them out of landfills. At Protect-A-Bed®, we are continuously expanding our product offerings by developing new and innovative products.


Protect-A-Bed® latest accessories are:


Mattress Storage/Disposal Bag:

Protect-A-Bed® Mattress Storage or Disposal Bag is an extra-strength, heavy-duty yet lightweight storage or transportation bag. Use Protect-A-Bed’s Mattress Storage/Disposal bag to protect your mattress and box spring during moving or storing.

A mattress is a major investment, and as such, you should protect your purchase! Our storage/disposal bag will keep your mattress and box spring clean and protect it from dust dirt, water damage and debris during transit or while in storage.

Furniture Storage/Disposal Bag:

A convenient Furniture Storage or Disposal Bag is a multifunctional plastic cover by Protect-A-Bed®. Protect-A-Bed® Furniture Storage/Disposal bag provides waterproof protection, and help safeguard furniture during a move, delivery or storage.

Thermal Dots:

Thermal Dots make it simple to check the temperatures in difficult to reach places to ensure lethal temperatures have been reached during a bed bug heat treatment.


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Furniture Storage or Disposal Bag

torage or Disposal Bag

ThermalStrike Thermal Dots

Thermal Dots