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REM-Fit Energize Mattress Protector

REM-Fit Energize
Smooth Mattress Protectors

REM-Fit Energize Smooth Pillow Protector

REM-Fit Energize
Smooth Pillow Protector

REM-Fit Motivate Plush Mattress Protector

REM-Fit Motivate
Plush Mattress Protectors

REM-Fit Motivate Plush Pillow Protector

REM-Fit Motivate
Plush Pillow Protectors

REM-Fit Rest Adjustable Pillow

REM-Fit Rest
Adjustable Pillow





REM-Fit: Mind, Body and Sleep

Exercise and rest are necessary for mental and physical balance. Sleep is essential to help energize and motivate your body for the physical requirements of today’s lifestyle.


All areas of our life weave together, and by bringing them into balance we can find holistic health, so we will always be ready to tackle life’s next challenge.


...but it all begins with a great night of sleep.


REM-FIT's Total Sleep Recovery System maximizes your recovery by combining Protect-A-Bed's Miracle Membrane® with the revolutionary wood based fiber Tencel® creating the ultimate in pillows, mattress and pillow protectors.


The Miracle Membrane® provides the best protection from your mattress by protecting you from allergens, dust mites and other irritants.



Tencel® is a wood derivative made by extracting the cellulose fiber from wood pulp. This chemical free process gives us a fabric that naturally prohibits bacteria growth, and is naturally hypoallergenic.


The softer than cotton, smoother than silk feel of Tencel® is also ideal for sensitive skin sufferers.


Tencel® also quickly and effectively wicks away moisture, maintaining a dry sleep environment, activating the thermo-regulating properties, and helping you maintain an even core body temperature.